Internet access

Since its creation in 1996, the Tunisian Internet Agency, ATI is an internet service provider and an Internet Exchange Point.

ATI offers different types of high-speed Internet access to B-to-B customers who use, Frame Relay, xDSL and Fiber Optics. It also offers optimized offers adapted to customers’ needs.


Fiber Optics

The Fiber Optics is a technology that allows access to the Internet and related services with connections offering very high-speed access. As the name indicates, the Optical Fiber transmits digital data at the speed of light.

In addition to the very high-speed access, one of the advantages of the optical fiber is that it is not affected by the line length between the subscriber and the connection node.

Fiber Optic connections are used under symmetrical bandwidth (same upload and download speed).

The choice of Fiber Optics technology for your company ensures an evolution in the use of the Internet connection at a controlled rate and without any constraints.

The fiber connection can be offered either in double window service (two contracts to be signed with ATI + telecom operator) or in single window service (one contract with ATI) according to customers’ demand.

ATI can, upon availability of the operator, satisfy all the required needs of its customers regarding optical fiber access.

Included Services :
  • Fixed IP addresses.
  • SMTP Relay
  • Unlimited email addresses.
  • Shared Hosting (200M)
  • 24/7 monitoring



This technology allows boosting the transmission capacity of current telephone lines so that the voice and digital data could flow quickly. The user can therefore, surf at a high speed on a permanently available connection, while having the opportunity to use his phone. The ATI offers 2MB / s, 4MB / s to 8MB / s and 20MB / s connections To benefit from this offer, the user must live in a geographical area covered by this technology. The ATI provides its customers with high quality ADSL wifi routers.

Included Services :
  • A fixed IP address.
  • Two email addresses



This technology is part of the DSL family. Unlike ADSL, SDSL has symmetric speed: its download speed (receiving) is equal to the upload speed (sending). The ATI offers connections with speeds ranging from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps.

SDSL technology is a new technology that enables symmetrical transmission (unlike ADSL) of broadband data on the traditional copper telephone, also ensuring a permanent connection to the Internet.

The SDSL connection is a good alternative to leased lines and broadband businesses. An SDSL connection is required if you need a symmetrical traffic or if users need access to the information you make available on servers located on your (internal) website. That is not the case for hosting a website or an email server; in this case a broadband dedicated line is recommended.

Included Services :
  • A fixed IP address
  • Two email addresses
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